How to Grow your Business Online Presence (and Get More Leads)

How can you get your business message in front of your target audience? How do you grow your business online presence? And How do you get more business enquiries?

What can your Business Expect from Digital Marketing?

Well, it depends. Most small businesses that come to me for guidance are looking for more exposure, but that may not be what your Business needs… at least in the first instance.

More exposure is relatively easy, but if you don’t convert, or they don’t at least remember you, its a futile exercise.

At the core of any business should be its relationship with its customers, how and why they reached out to you in the first place. Knowing this will help your Business in reaching your target audience with your communications message.

Moving forward with a clear message and a well-defined call to action will help you get new inquiries into the Business and get those leads to convert.

How do you Get More Leads and How do you Convert them?

#1Make sure your content is relevant to your visitors, answer their questions, intent and expectations.

#2Ensure that your brand is trusted and clearly shows your key selling points. Like next day delivery or one to one personal service.

#3Have a responsive well-performing presence. Don’t let visitors get frustrated by having a slow experience. Optimise your website, including images and landing pages.

#4Include a call to action in your copy or layout instructing your audience on what to do next. Call now or Sign up.

#5Your visitor may not be ready to sign up or purchase your product just yet. Offering something small but relevant to your visitor, like an ebook, research or datasheet, as a free download can get things started. In return, before downloading, capture their contact details, at least name and email. When a visitor moves forward with this lead magnet you can engage them further and offer upsells.

#6Include every method of contact your audience may want to engage you with. Include options for phone, email and chat. Your landing pages should support lead collection that arrive into your CRM for followup.

#7Follow up in line with your promises and visitor expectations. I suggest your CRM email out new leads a welcome message and your sales team follow up accordingly.

Ok, so your lead generation structure is in place. Your sales team are happy with the follow-up, closure and onboarding procedures. Next let’s talk about presence, advertising and marketing.

Your Business and your Online Presence, How do I Get Started?

Let us go way back, I mean way, way back, before Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press. How did ideas spread back then? How did we identify and engage our audience?

Let’s take a look at the Bible. Arguably the most popular socially marketed copy ever written. I’d imagine this spread via word of mouth with physical branches set up locally to engage their audience. The branch had a speaker and a handwritten copy of the content as a guide to the message.

Before the printing press, only those who could afford it were able to create or obtain a hard copy. Let alone having the opportunity to learn to read and write. After the invention of the printing press, content became more accessible. Giving rise to the opportunity for many more to become an author and publisher.

Printing helped users spread their stories, ideas, business opportunities and agendas. With the printing press came easier content creation and distribution.

Since then we’ve had telephone, telegrams, radio, tv, computers, the shift to digital, email and the world wide web. Each of these platforms made media communications more easily accessible to more consumers and more businesses.

The Internet and mobile devices are doing the same again and are just getting more powerful every day.

The rise of Digital Media has changed our world. It’s much easier for an individual or a business to convert their ideas into content, distribute their message, engage audiences and to grow their following on a global stage.

So to grow your online presence you should take full advantage by creating and distributing cracking content to inform and engage your audience.

What should I be using to Support my Online Presence?

#1Telephony systems. Yep, it may seem obvious, have a telephone system to speak with your potential clients and existing customers. There are a few SaaS platforms out there that will integrate with your business CRM or Support platforms.

#2Social Media Profiles. Having your brand presence on Social Media today is a no brainer. It is free at the point of use. It allows for easy communications and engagement. It is a good way to distribute your communications message and improve your online presence.

#3A Website and Domain. Having a domain name for your brand, a website and good content is important. Your website is your business hub containing your business landing pages. A good amount of your time and focus should be on your domain and website performance optimisation. Optimisation in terms of Conversion Rate Optimisation, Speed Performance Optimisation and Search Engine Optimisation.

#4CRM, Customer Relationship Management. Create and follow a structured path for your potential new, existing customers, clients and subscribers. A CRM will reign in all your business data into one platform allowing for better management, analysis and user experience.

#5Email Marketing. Yes, it’s alive and doing well. Emails are essential to your businesses first-contact, sales and support process. Your CRM will help you organise and store various email templates for customer contact, sales, marketing and support.

#6Video Marketing. This has been a big part of the engagement and conversion metric for a long time, even before the internet. Your business can and most likely should use video materials to engage, promote and support your audience.

#7Applications / Apps. There is most certainly an app for that, at least that’s what they say. Your business can benefit from having one.

Targeted Digital Marketing and Advertising, SEO and PPC.

These last two points are most important.

I believe the most valuable traffic, and visitors, to your website or landing page, is going to be from a search engine. This is because search engine traffic is the most qualified traffic any business could expect. By that I mean your new visitor has searched for your product or service and has arrived at your website with an intent. Let’s talk about SEO.

#1Search Engine Optimisation. SEO helps to make sure that your website, including your landing pages, is supported in such a way that search engines can rank them on their results pages. That’s all there is to it. Its pretty simple right? Well, it’s a good idea to have a third party complete a technical SEO audit.

#2Paid Advertising. PPC, Google and Microsoft Search Engines, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram support Paid advertising. Setting up this kind of awareness campaign can get qualified visits and instant results. Advertising on the internet can be somewhat technical, can run away with your budget and, if you are not careful, be all-consuming.


In conclusion, understanding and following the points raised will help you and your business get a better online presence, more brand exposure, leads and customers.

I hope you’ve found this content useful, please let me know by clicking like, subscribe and the notification bell.

If you have any questions about growing your online presence, getting more leads, or digital marketing more generally, I will answer any questions in the comments section.

Thanks for reading!

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