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What is Content Creation and Production?

What are the types of content that are created?

Content Creation is the process of identifying, researching and producing content in various forms, e.g. Written content, Audio, Video and Graphic.

Written content can be digested as a blog post, press release, article, newsletter or book.

Content Creation and Production

Audio content is most commonly digested as a Podcast - but sound fx, music and audio art are also commonly consumed content in audio format.

Video content can be distributed on many channels including YouTube. These generally consist of how-to videos, tutorials, training and lectures but also news and factual videos do well. Again telling stories, short films and other creative video's do well, memes and music videos are very popular.

Graphical content is most commonly digested as an infographic but just as popular are meme-based graphics. Instagram hosts a massive online community of photographers producing photographic content to suit all tastes.

Creating good quality and relevant content can stretch across all of these content types and others. Mostly they all have some things in common.

Content research. Researching and identifying relevant and interesting topics for your audience is in large the biggest job when it comes to creating content. Some videographers will take weeks or months to research and plan their videos. Alongside which they must script and produce supporting materials, e.g. Written articles and graphics, before finally producing their videos.

Content production. Creating and developing written materials, videos, books, blogs posts, white papers and graphical materials such as infographics takes time, patience, knowledge and skill.

Traditionally content was produced by a team of reporters, authors, editors and producers.

Today, as small-medium enterprises, we take on board most of these roles ourselves. Technologies have given rise to production tools only seen before in the larger broadcasting and media corporations and so made it easier and more accessible to many more people.

After your content is finally produced its time to distribute and marketing your works. Promotions including cross-promoting, content marketing, press releases and social media can help you in this final step to getting your content out in the world.

Engaging your audience is the next most important step, self-promotion, guest-hosting a podcast, interviews and other forms of promotion will help you get your message public. Make sure you engage your audience on social media, blogs, email and any other methods that match your demographics platforms.

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