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Advertise your Products on Search Engines

How do I set-up ads for all of my products individually?

Product inventory management can be made easier with appropriate management procedures and standards. Working with spreadsheets in place of manual updates is quite important to efficiency and standardisation across your inventory.

Product Advertising

Once your inventory is appropriately populated and maintained it can easily be manipulated to form your product advertising. Let's say you have 2000 products in your line, creating and editing each advert would be a mammoth task, just as manually creating and editing each product in the inventory. However, just like inventory management, your product ads can also be implemented on mass.

Whats the Process for Better Product Advertising?

Our process would be to make sure your inventory, including images, is suitably configured and populated. Once happy with the product data we will set about crafting your product ads. We also check and submit to any aggregators and create more broad-reaching ads in addition to product-specific advertising.

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Digital Marketing Services

We utilise many of the most popular advertising platforms and specialist in Search Engine Advertising and Social Media Advertising. So if you are looking for help with product inventory management and product advertising then please get in touch on 01625 838 459.

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