So you’re interested in becoming a Merchant or Affiliate?

Digital Affiliate Marketing

Improve your business reach and get more sales.

Business marketing, merchant sales and referrals, ecommerce and affiliates, it all comes together here.

Affiliate marketing might be just the perfect opportunity you need.

In short, the affiliate marketing model is

  1. Earning commissions from sales generated by referring a customer or client to another companies products or services, the affiliate.
  2. Paying affiliates a performance-based commission for directing customers or clients to your business products or services, the merchant.

Many big names have an affiliate marketing program. Barclays, Cornhill Direct, Lloyds TSB, Martin Dawes, Swinton and Virgin, just naming a few.

Affiliate marketing is performance-driven and suits potential affiliates with a large audience already in place.

Becoming an affiliate merchant for your products or services is a little more technical as tracking and attribution is a necessary step. Ensure you can allocate successful promotion to your affiliate partner.

Amazon is an excellent example of a very successful company that takes advantage of affiliate marketing. Affiliates promote and sell products on Amazon and gain a referral fee for doing so.

There are many affiliate networks, platforms and programs to take advantage of whether you are an affiliate or a merchant.

Affiliate marketing can be a profitable business opportunity and is an excellent business marketing strategy.